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KeyWorks OS 5

KeyWorks OS is a multi-functional engine for managing processes, activities, documents and much more, able to solve a large number of use cases for companies and organizations of any kind.


Spaces are workspaces that allow you to logically collect the instances, tasks, documents and all the elements managed by KeyWork OS.
The Space can be profiled so that the contents are accessed and modified only to authorized users and work groups.


Within the Space there are numerous App ready to use to which you can add many others that can be implemented at the request of customers.


Boxes allows you to manage the message instances produced by the specialized App to manage messages including e-mail, fax, paper and much more.
With full support for e-mail accounts, PEC, paper archives, data sources from WebService, DBMS, it is possible to combine a Workflow instance with the processing of every single message.


The workflow engine allows to define customized workflows that will allow the App to direct the correct execution of the practices.


The Workflow engine assigns to the users of the system the tasks to be performed so that the workflow is correctly executed on schedule.
Additional unstructured tasks can be created by users themselves in a manner similar to traditional social networks.


It is the document archive used by the system and by the users of the system to store documents.

Contacts & Assets

Contacts and Assets represent the actors of the processes of the Apps and can be physical persons, companies, assets.

Notices and Actions

Within the single Instance but also at the Task level, one or more alerts can be created to send alerts or to perform pre-configured actions.


Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android that allow you to access and update your instances and tasks on the go.


The data of the instances and tasks can be displayed in List, Graph, Gantt, Timeline and Map Chart format.
The Graph displays the instances and tasks on a time basis and on a state basis.
By displaying the tasks in the Gantt, you can group the tasks per work phase with the related dependencies.
The Timeline allows you to have a view of the tasks on the time axis.
The KeyWorks Map service displays the geospatial data of your processes and tasks.